Dream Factory Agency

“Christopher came to us part time working on our social media for our clients and left as one of our favorite copy and content writers. His ability to adapt his voice and style to our needs was invaluable to us.

What I was most impressed by was his ability to dive right into subjects that he did not know, and make himself a master of it. He truly owned his work.”

-Jim Londeree, COO


Social Wallet

“To write something about Christopher doesn’t do him the justice he deserves. Before I hired him, I saw his experience and wondered why some agency hasn’t snatched him up. His breadth of writing and marketing knowledge was one of the reasons that Social Wallet has been the success it has.”

-Jack Brown, CEO


Air Wire

“Having worked with Christopher before on the Social Wallet project put me at ease when we transitioned to Air Wire. I knew that this would go smoothly, and it did.

I thank Christopher for the work that he has done and I know that he will be a valuable asset to whomever he decides to work with next.”

-Ken DiCross, Co-Founder



“Christopher came to us fresh out of college and with tremendous ideas on how to run the magazine. His ambition and wanting to always make things grow is what has grown our readership.

I’ve enjoyed watching Christopher grow as a writer, while contributing so much to the Florida roofing industry.”

-Lisa Pate, Executive Director



“Christopher was the only candidate that we interviewed that understood the implication of intergenerationality. He saw our idea of bringing people together and smashing existing communication barriers and adopted it as his own.

The honesty and trustworthiness that he produced in our blog, and overall copy, was sincere. He took our idea and developed it into a brand.”

-Jacqueline Botting, Founder

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Red Cup Media Group

“Hiring a freelancer from across the globe seemed a little worrying to me at first. But after completing a couple of projects with Christopher, we worked out a system that benefited the both of us.

Christopher constantly delivered anything I asked of him. Social, check: blog content, check: rewrite this or that, done. He is a strong writer that knows how to communicate ideas effectively.”

-Ollie O’Neill, Business Development Manager