Yep, that's my mug.

Hello, my name is Christopher and I have been writing all of my life. Well, not technically "all" of my life, but since I could form letters, I was stringing them together, weaving stories and ideas to entertain my mother. I have since moved on from just entertaining stories to writing as a profession. I have done it all in the writing field: creative writer for a video series, content writer for a blue chip company, copywriter at multiple ad agencies, social media manager for multiple startups, and even editor in chief for a magazine with a readership of over 40,000. I am just starting in my craft, but I have a wealth of experience, and my work shows. I am able to provide my clients with multiple viewpoints, and am always trying to give them something different. If you don't believe me, this entire website is a testament to my work.

Thank you


Bachelor of Arts – English: Creative Writing
Bachelor of Arts – History
Minor in Marketing


Copy, Content, Creative Writer, and Social Media Manager (Aug2010-Present)

Acquire, cultivate, and grow relationships with clientele
Develop a product and service that my client can be proud of and continue to utilize
Continue my education concerning new technologies and ways to engage an audience
Introduce new ways of engagement to my clients to ensure that they are receiving the best possible outreach strategies
Develop a way to measure KPI, and units of success for goals within campaigns
Write in a variety of voices/ themes for multiple mediums: social, print, digital
Design websites with the assistance of Adobe Programs, SquareSpace, Wordpress, and Bootstrap
Increase traffic by utilizing search engine optimization best practices to draw more unique visitors to a respective client’s location
Implement marketing strategies to grow awareness for a brand-new client and establish their voice
Encourage clients to always try new forms of medium and always push your presence on Social Media

Remote Copy/Content Writer (Dec2012-May2017)

Brainstorm, develop, and write as an integral unit of a copywriting team
Work with Project Managers/Executives and Art Directors to understand the client’s needs and wants
Meet, as a team, with clients and guide their creative process
Internalize communication and criticism to develop the most efficient deliverables
Measure success of content/blogs/campaigns using metrics and A/B testing
Utilize programs like HootSuite, ConstantContact, and Mail Chimp to facilitate outreach
Use techniques I learned as a freelance and aid in the growth of the agency, and my own skillset

Managing Editor and Content Manager (Mar2015-May2017)

Create and adhere to editorial calendar
Take continuing education courses in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Management, and Growth Hacking through various outlets
Copyedit, curate, and create compelling and engaging blog copy
When necessary, edit HTML and CSS for blogs and website
Create original photographs, videos, and visual content
Curate social media outlets, not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+
Develop lead pages to capture new readers and develop a newsletter that draws them back to the blog
Communicate with bloggers and blogs in order to obtain writing/ writers/ guest pieces
Coordinate with interns and delegate tasks to them that would benefit the blog
Organize meet-ups and develop educational content that moves the brand forward

Editor in Chief  (Nov2014-Mar2016)

Understand the landscape of the target market and develop editorial content that reflects it
Grab and hold the attention of readers through the use of focused pieces and content
Create a digital outlet, and footprint, for the magazine, including developing a WordPress site for it
Design and layout the magazine in Adobe Programs, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
Review blue lines and proofs for grammatical accuracy
In coordination with the subsidiaries, develop and adhere to an editorial calendar that would benefit the entire association
Write in many different voices for the various staple pieces of the monthly publication
Sell and increase amount of revenue, in the form of advertisements, digital and print, for publication
Grow the readership, and expand the target market, through Social Media and Blog engagement
Coordinate advertising to coincide with certain editorial content
Cultivate a Social Media following through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Learn and hone the skills for effective copy-editing

Marketing Manager: SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist  (Apr2010-May2014)

Implement marketing strategies to grow awareness for the new brand
Work with local agencies to facilitate the effective grassroots spread of the brand
Develop and implement a grassroots Social Media strategy
Utilize programs like HootSuite, ConstantContact, and Mail Chimp to facilitate outreach
Create content for different Social Media platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Create and network using local writers and blogs
Search Engine Optimize main website and all of the websites that were developed for customers through the use of effective keywording, geolocation, and blog writing
Be the voice of multiple clients by managing multiple clients Social Media presence
Measure the success of email campaigns, membership drives, SEO, and Social Media metrics to deliver to clients
Create effective and engaging ad copy for print and digital formats
Develop relationships with local business by coming up with action plans and utilizing search engine optimization to draw more unique visitors to the respective locations
Continue education in Google Analytics, SEO, and Google AdSense keywording
Munchem: Grow company’s social media following from 4 to over 500 actual users in a month
Munchem: Steadily increase the amount of followers by an average of 65% a month
Munchem: Drive the average unique page visitor from 50 to 3,000 a month
Munchem: Steadily increase the amount of unique page visitors by an average of 10% a month with an increase of 125% returning visitors
Nightlife Unleashed (NU): Grow company’s social media following from 150 to over 22,000 during tenure
NU: Steadily increase the amount of followers by an average of 20% a month
NU: Drive the average unique page visitor from 0 to 5,000 a month
NU: Steadily increase the amount of unique page visitors by an average of 15% a month with an increase of 100% returning visitors

Editor  (Jan2012-May2014)

In conjunction with Dr. Jennifer Wells: educate, tutor, and edit student papers
Edit papers ranging from the Freshman level, all the way to Graduate, and Doctoral work
Work with and help ESOL students and faculty
Develop a brand for the FSU Reading and Writing Center (RWC) in order to bring more students in
Create blog and social media content to engage students
Work on papers in a litany of subjects and fields
Learn and adhere to different style guides, including: MLA, APA, AP, and Chicago


Some Past/Present clients include: SOCIAL WALLET ICO, REV Token ICO, CCN, The Big Surf Agency, Dream Factory, 321 Creative, Red Cup Media Group, Blue Oxford Marketing, Protek Cargo, FRSA, Unit Clothing, The 99, New Genre, The Blog Bar, GreenPeace, Avalon, Hanover Company, Florida State University, Aramark, Incubator Tallahassee, MunchEm, luxury motorcycle brands, cyrptocurrency ICOs, amusement parks... and the list continues.


The Kudzu Review: Spring 2013 "Solo una Luce", Fall 2014 "A Collection of Poems About Shit"
MILKart: Fall 2014: "Untilted"
Fledge: Winter 2014: "Collect this Flower"