Glass Bank - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Well, the Glass Bank in Cocoa Beach, Florida is scheduled to come down soon. It is an amazing building with an odd history. The owner, Mr. Frank M. Wolfe is now deceased as a result of being thrown out of the building. His story is sad, a well known man in Cocoa who tragically took his own life. His penthouse was awesome and will be missed. Video is at the bottom.

AIM Expo Orlando! I came, I saw, I rode some bikes.





So the AIM (American International Motorcycle) Expo came to Orlando this week. They came on Wednesday through Sunday, but it was only open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. I was pretty busy Saturday so I went on Sunday. Overall, I was underwhelmed. I felt like they did a better job last year, especially with the demo rides and such. Most of the displays were awesome; the Ducati Scrambler one hit you right in the face as you walked in. (Below) More text under slideshow, and photos.

Main reason for me going was to get out of the house, and demo some bikes. I got to test ride a Buell 1190 SX, Suzuki GSR 600, and Yamaha FZ09. Overall, pretty pleased with the bikes, I wish Zero had a demo there; I liked their booth at the Expo. I can understand the charging issues and such that would come from it, but I would have liked to see an effort.

Most of the Expo is for dealers and such. Some of the parts is to hype bikes, but most of it is for dealers. I would like to have a lift for my bike, but can’t afford a $4000 lift to put in my garage. There were things obviously placed there for consumers: luggage, Sena Bluetooth products, bikes, and demo products, but most of it seemed to be for dealers to put in their shop and sell, or use in their shop.

I took my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 16-35mm f2.8 along with me to take some pictures. I got some pictures of the H2R, 1290 Super Duke R, Suzuki GSR 750 and 1000, Ducati Scrambler, some custom bikes, and a Zero Bike. Also, there was the cutaway R1, that shows the internals, the new low displacement R3, and the Yamaha Bolt. Also, Yamaha had Rossi's Race Bike, but it was hidden behind a bigger display. Below is a gallery, all with descriptions and captions; also, I took some short video of the bikes. I wish I had my Drift to capture the test rides, but sadly it is still gone.

Orlando Abandoned Convention Center aka Mold Haus

So, this is the Convention Center that was shown to me by a couple of local explorers. It is nice to see Florida getting back to the exploring game. This place in a nutshell is mold. Black mold everywhere. Bring a respirator. Lobby area was interesting, check the pictures and video (at the bottom)!

Howey Mansion, Howey-in-the-Hills

(Edit: updated with the video)

(Edit 2: Howey Mansion is up for sale)

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting these photos. Went here when we got in to Arabian Nights. This place has been explored over and over again, by better explorers and photographers than I. I am picking up the scraps on this one.

We got in because they are starting to clean up the property in order to sell off the land and house, or rent the house out for events, or rent it out for someone to live in it, like they did with the Frank Lloyd Wright Spring House in Tallahassee. I was disappointed because my expectations were not met. It was an awesome place, no doubting that, but it seemed very sterile because it was being cleaned up. The vibe I got was different, not the same I've got from other explores. I've had permission to go in to places, but the Howey Mansion felt different. Things felt staged and most of the overgrowth was gone. I'm name dropping because it is being renovated and you really cannot get in. Contact them and they will probably let you take pictures. Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Edit: Video!

Edit 2: The Howey Mansion is for sale.

After exploring, forgetting to post this, and then finally posting it, the Howey Mansion has slipped my mind. I saw the post for the Craigslist ad a while ago and filed it in the urbex album on my computer. I should have updated this months ago.

The Howey Mansion is up for sale for the whopping price of $600,000. Mind you, this is for a house that is rotting, falling apart, and has no central A/C. In fact, the only A/C is in the office of the woman who oversees the property. While it is a gorgeous house, it is in the middle of east bumfuck, surrounded by east bumfuckians. I screencapped the Craigslist ad page, but this is what is reads:

Magnificent Howey Mansion, 8,800 sq. ft. in main Mansion, two bedroom guest house in back, 3 1/2 car garage with apartment above. Built in 1925 by the founder of the town, Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida in beautiful rolling Lake County. Bidding starts at $600,000.

If you got the coin, why not drop it?

An Abandoned Dinner Show

            I’ve been out of the exploring game for a while now. I finally had a free weekend and a couple of people to go with so I got out. We went to a couple of places, with this one being the first. This place, an abandoned dinner show, has recently been receiving increased traffic because of someone posting a YouTube video about it. It closed down in December 2013 and there were a couple of pieces written about it in the Orlando Sentinel. It is weird to think that a couple of miles down the road, a similar place is thriving. I mean, Disney will conquer all smaller attractions in Kissimmee, but a similar place is doing so much better.
It is fairly clean, power and water are on, but it is just hot as all hell. It is a fairly big complex and even had a set of stables outside because their dinner show involved horses. I enjoyed this place because I remember taking a field trip here as a kid with my elementary school. Anyways, enjoy. I’ll be posting another set up soon.

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Great Hall
My favorite picture. This is in the middle of the pit where they had the performers and the horses do their show. It is just massive in here.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Horses
 The horses that adorn the outside of the attraction still stand.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside 2

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside ticket booth
The ticket booth is still intact.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside Entrance
 Had to do a little group photo out in front of the big door.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside Entrance 2

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Blue room

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Hallway

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Tools
 Tools and such were left over, sitting in this room.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Poster
 All kinds of gift shop trinkets and promotional material, such as this poster, were left sitting on the floor in different rooms.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Wash Room
 The power was still on.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Christmas Costume
 Having some fun with their Christmas Costumes.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside American Flag
 Good ol' American Flag.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Bathroom

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Picture

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Christmas supplies
 Christmas supplies were everywhere because this place closed down in December of 2013.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Christmas board

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Table Self
 Just me sitting at the table, by myself.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Table Friends
 Friends decided to join!
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside locker room
 A locker room where the performers would get ready.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside kitchen glass

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside fridge self

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside fridges
 The kitchen was empty, still had some fridges and such.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Unicorn Room
 The banquet room aka the Unicorn Room
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside alcohol
 There was alcohol in the locked case, including some Bombay Sapphire. The keys to open it were right there as well.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside drinks

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Hall
 The entrance hall.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside air conditioning
 One big air conditioner.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Hall

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Gift Shop
 The gift shop area.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Inside Tech Booth
 The tech booth. Repping that Flurbex.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside Horse Stables

Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside Horse Stables 2
 The stable area was pretty big. It looked like it housed over 30 horses.
Arabian Nights Kissimmee Outside Horse Stables Cart


As of recent, the buzz around this location has grown. I guess I wanted to get my pictures of this place up and out, plus I haven't updated this for a while. It was a fun place, got up to the roof.
This place has been abandoned ever since I started attending FSU. They hold a class it in, only in one lecture room though. The building is starting to become trashed, which is sad to see. There are kids who have gone through the basement level, and the top level, with cans of spray paint and tried to to be. They wrote shit like "kill babies" and other dumb shit. There is also a room where a kid has showcased his creepy artwork. This room has also been spray painted. The main problem with this building is that FSU did not want to spend the money to fix it, so they are letting it decay until they get all of the stuff that is worth anything, out of there. Ceiling tiles are swollen and broken, paints is broken, same with chemistry equipment. It is only a matter of time until this building is knocked down. Enjoy.