As of recent, the buzz around this location has grown. I guess I wanted to get my pictures of this place up and out, plus I haven't updated this for a while. It was a fun place, got up to the roof.
This place has been abandoned ever since I started attending FSU. They hold a class it in, only in one lecture room though. The building is starting to become trashed, which is sad to see. There are kids who have gone through the basement level, and the top level, with cans of spray paint and tried to to be. They wrote shit like "kill babies" and other dumb shit. There is also a room where a kid has showcased his creepy artwork. This room has also been spray painted. The main problem with this building is that FSU did not want to spend the money to fix it, so they are letting it decay until they get all of the stuff that is worth anything, out of there. Ceiling tiles are swollen and broken, paints is broken, same with chemistry equipment. It is only a matter of time until this building is knocked down. Enjoy.