School of Least Reformation

     After many months of researching this place, I finally got the chance to go with a couple of friends. This place was a boys reform school, pretty much a harsher juvenile detention facility. This place is called Arthur G. Dozier Training School for Boys located in Marianna, Florida. There have been countless reports of violence, torture, and even murder upon the boys who served time there. There are also two graveyards, one that is clearly marked and can be seen from Google Earth and another that has been swallowed by the under-growth.  There are two parts to this detention facility, one is the colored side, easier access, and the other is the recently closed down part of the facility, razor wire fence still surrounds the yard.
     I had learned of this place by doing my research and talking to a man from a Florida Newspaper who has written a couple books on this place. I plan on going back here soon, and I am anxiously awaiting going to the other side of the facility.

 Graffiti of the people who have served time.

 These crosses line the graveyard. These graves are home to boys who have perished at the school. The graveyard at Dozier was large, about 30'x30'.
 I decided on taking a couple HDR's so from this above picture on are HDR.

Sorry about the blurriness in this last photo, I knocked my camera inbetween exposures and forgot to just rebracket the whole picture.