Behold the Almighty Festicle

So, I have been completely neglecting this blog and decided to go and start another blog called Vices and Devices. I felt like it was a success and great failure. I sort of just threw pictures up there, no explanation, just willy-nilly shit. Now let's catch you up to speed. I have been photographing many abandonments around Florida and in Georgia. I have met some other people who hold the same interests at this Urban Exploration meet up called the Festicle. At this event, the locals showed us around Atlanta and some of their good abandons. There were some good friends to be met, and even better pictures to be composed. Well let's get to my best set from there.
In this picture, we were at an abandoned paint factory, which is now all tagged up by Atlanta's best graffiti artists. I really liked this picture because of this small tag. The way the colors come together are appealing and it can be easily missed. 
 This picture is from another part of the paint factory. My friend who lives in Atlanta told us about this graffiti that was signed with the tag -DAD-. Some of them say morbid and obscure things but they are pretty funny. This one reads "Fell asleep at Panera. Woke up Here. -DAD-
Here we have another picture from the paint factory. The overhead light here provided nice counter light to my flash.
These next couple pictures are from an abandoned elementary school. It has a very creepy vibe, reminding me of the school from the video game and movie Silent Hill. This first shot is of the "boiler room" which there were no boilers in there. It looked more to be like storage of some sort with fire damage in one of the corners. I really liked the progression of light to dark from one corner of the room to the other and the progression is also represented on the columns.
This picture was taken down the hallway of the upstairs corridor. You can see the paint peeling, smashed door on the ground, and broken glass in the door's window. I feel like this picture represents a wide array of decay.
This picture is from one of the upstairs classrooms. The roof on some of the rooms is non existent and provides the appropriate amount of sunlight to capture some significant details. On a side note, this place still had the chalk boards and papers on a bulletin board which dated 1998.
Ah another bathroom picture. I do not know what it is about abandoned bathrooms, maybe the way the porcelain changes colors or how they just look, but I love them. I have another picture, similar to this one with stalls and I love the way the light just progresses throughout the room.
These next two pictures are a couple longer exposures that I took. This one is of the control panel in the back of an abandoned Amtrak train at a train yard.
This second shot is another long exposure of me with my LED headlamp walking down the train hallway. I decided that I got all of the pictures that I could out of this place so I decided to just do something different.
Now I love this picture for a couple reasons. One, the enormity of this wall is breathtaking. It is probably about 60-70 feet tall. Two, all of the windows provide a dramatic lighting to the whole building.
Ah, another long exposure, this one of the bathroom. This room was extremely dark so I decided to light it up with my headlamp.
These last two regular pictures are back in the paint factory. The paint peeling in this first picture is accentuated by the light coming down from the broken ceiling.
This picture was taken right before we ran in to a cop. I love how I finally got a water reflection shot. I have been looking and trying to get one but I love how this one came to me so organically.
 Here are my set of Pano's I took. There are two from the paint factory and one from the train yard. There is no way to explain these pictures, just notice the details and enjoy.

Well thank you for checking out my page and make sure to always explore safely and always make what you can.