2015 ZERO SR Test Ride AIM Expo Orlando 2015

This is not the SR, this is the FXS and it looks a million times better than the SR. Deal with it.

This is not the SR, this is the FXS and it looks a million times better than the SR. Deal with it.

Sorry for the lack of video on this one, my camera decided it’d be best not to record it. I’m sad because this was the most amount of fun I’ve had on a test ride.

You’ve heard about ZERO Motorcycles before. They are basically the only customer facing electric motorcycle retailer out there. You should get on one immediately.


Not going to bore you with specs anymore. It has batteries. They make the belt drive go. The great/ weird thing about this, is that there is no clutch. It was so awkward trying to turn my brain off thinking, hitting front and rear brake to stop, must grab clutch as well. I could feel my fingers reach for it out of habit.
The other weird thing riding an electric motorcycle, is that the torque and power is across the entire pull of the throttle. It’s not like you have to be at 4000 RPM to hit the power band, no. You twist, and it pulls.


After sitting on all of the ZERO line up: DS, FX, S, SR, they all felt like they sat the exact same. Hand position, foot position, everything in the same spot. This is not a bad thing by any means. It felt comfortable. As far as riding, it was a completely comfortable position to be in. Maybe at higher speeds a windscreen would be needed, but not on the test ride.
The only thing I can complain about is two up riding. This bike, the tiny seat, looked like they could not handle a second butt. It just looked uncomfortable for the second rider.


I had no qualms with the suspension. The only weird/ foreign thing is the engine braking. Once you release the throttle, it sort of coasts, but not really. It slows down, like engine braking, but not really. It is just foreign coming from riding ICE bikes.
Brakes were responsive, considering they were not stopping that much weight. These bikes are extremely light. I love it, coming from riding supermotos. They carried their weight really well, a little higher, because that’s where the batteries are. They were extremely flickable, but the skinny rear tire was not confidence inspiring to me. I would love to take this to a track.


The styling on these bikes are pretty minimal, especially on the S and SR. It almost looks like a big Grom, because of the headlight. The frame is interesting, and there is no holes where you would be able to see through the engine, like on an ICE bike.

Anything Noteworthy

This bike is electrical. You come home, you plug it in, you ride it. It is completely silent, stealth ninja bike. I love this bike. If it was a little cheaper, the SR is priced around $16,000 so basically a new Hyper SP, I would put a deposit down on one. I don’t feel like electric is going to be taking over anytime soon, but this bike is so much fun, that I wouldn’t mind if it did.