AIM Expo Orlando! I came, I saw, I rode some bikes.





So the AIM (American International Motorcycle) Expo came to Orlando this week. They came on Wednesday through Sunday, but it was only open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. I was pretty busy Saturday so I went on Sunday. Overall, I was underwhelmed. I felt like they did a better job last year, especially with the demo rides and such. Most of the displays were awesome; the Ducati Scrambler one hit you right in the face as you walked in. (Below) More text under slideshow, and photos.

Main reason for me going was to get out of the house, and demo some bikes. I got to test ride a Buell 1190 SX, Suzuki GSR 600, and Yamaha FZ09. Overall, pretty pleased with the bikes, I wish Zero had a demo there; I liked their booth at the Expo. I can understand the charging issues and such that would come from it, but I would have liked to see an effort.

Most of the Expo is for dealers and such. Some of the parts is to hype bikes, but most of it is for dealers. I would like to have a lift for my bike, but can’t afford a $4000 lift to put in my garage. There were things obviously placed there for consumers: luggage, Sena Bluetooth products, bikes, and demo products, but most of it seemed to be for dealers to put in their shop and sell, or use in their shop.

I took my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 16-35mm f2.8 along with me to take some pictures. I got some pictures of the H2R, 1290 Super Duke R, Suzuki GSR 750 and 1000, Ducati Scrambler, some custom bikes, and a Zero Bike. Also, there was the cutaway R1, that shows the internals, the new low displacement R3, and the Yamaha Bolt. Also, Yamaha had Rossi's Race Bike, but it was hidden behind a bigger display. Below is a gallery, all with descriptions and captions; also, I took some short video of the bikes. I wish I had my Drift to capture the test rides, but sadly it is still gone.